Your Satisfaction is our Specialty

    Our philosophy stands by these words. In business for 11 years, it is with pride that we promise a high-quality service. Our expertise in the brokerage service and in vehicle transportation has allowed Fredalex Press to carve out an important place in a competitive market.

    We respond to your requests in a timely and personalized manner. Ever since the very beginnings of our company, meeting the needs of customers, whether they are from Canada or the United States, is what we at Fredalex Press stand for.

    Whether it is for residential or commercial service, we will meet all of your requests. As a family business, Fredalex Press distinguishes itself by its readiness and the special attention it offers to each customer.

About Us

Family Business

Founded in April 2003, Fredalex Press is a company that continues to flourish. Owners Normand Benoît and Carole Bélanger know how to provide exceptional service that has allowed the company to grow and carve out an important place in their industry.

Normand Benoît has several years of experience under his belt. His expertise enables Fredalex Press to excel in its field and provide clients with top quality work. For her part, Carole Bélanger is involved in all aspects of the administrative work. With her knowledge and expertise in this area, she has allowed the company to demonstrate the highest professional standards in all areas of its business. She also added freight brokerage services to Fredalex Press, allowing the organization to become more versatile.

Making a Name for Themselves

Fredalex Press treats its customers as if they were part of the family. By giving their time, attention and guidance, the company ensures the satisfaction of all its customers, whether it is logistic services or vehicle transport. The company makes sure to establish a relationship of trust with its clients, ensuring that they meet all their needs.

For assured reliability!