Your Satisfaction is our Specialty

    Our philosophy stands by these words. In business for 11 years, it is with pride that we promise a high-quality service. Our expertise in the brokerage service and in vehicle transportation has allowed Fredalex Press to carve out an important place in a competitive market.

    We respond to your requests in a timely and personalized manner. Ever since the very beginnings of our company, meeting the needs of customers, whether they are from Canada or the United States, is what we at Fredalex Press stand for.

    Whether it is for residential or commercial service, we will meet all of your requests. As a family business, Fredalex Press distinguishes itself by its readiness and the special attention it offers to each customer.


  • Transportation Permit
  • Insurance and Certification
  • Bill of Lading
  • Credit Application
  • Claims Policy
  • Thaw Weight

The area we serve is very large. As you know, our borders stop at the boundaries of the North American continent. Whether you stay in Florida during the winter and Quebec during the summer, we can transport your vehicle to the destination of your choice. In addition, we are currently operating and growing in Western Canada.

We service a clientele that is faithful to us through our professionalism. So it is with pride that we are committed to serve you regardless of your location on the continent.

Exceptional service, unparalleled availability and the assurance of a high quality work at a competitive price are what we offer at Fredalex Press!

Being so available is our best form of publicity!